About Integrated Marketing

Lately we’re all overwhelmed with advice about social networking, content marketing and engagement. For a lot of us, even seasoned marketers, it’s difficult to establish where one element begins and another one ends, and what their hierarchical relationships are. So here’s my take on marketing in 2014:

First, social networking is a distribution and engagement tool, and it’s one aspect of content marketing. Content marketing is pretty much what it sounds like, using content – writing, video, webcasts, ebooks, whatever – to market your wares. Engagement is growing and maintaining interaction with your audience.

But these are all just tools too. Whatever the content is you’re producing or sharing, it has to be of real value. Imagine you’re going to a job interview. Now imagine you have no experience in the job. No matter how charming you are, you’re pretty likely to get bounced, right? Imagine joining a survival club with no experience. You’d feel pretty uncomfortable when everyone else had to carry your weight.

Don’t be that person. If you have real valuable information, share it. Producing content and sharing it is content marketing. Conceptually, it’s that simple, but doing it right can be difficult. Read on for more detail.


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