About Content Marketing

There are two keys to content for marketing: value and consistency.

Let’s take value first. Value is kind of like fitness in natural selection: It depends on your environment, which in this case is your audience. The content you would produce for a travel guide is certainly different from the content you would produce for, say, content marketing.

So you may want to start by producing great content, but I suggest you start by stepping back and making sure you know your audience. Here are a couple things I like to do:

  •  Use your own experience from your work and from engaging with people in your industry to get content ideas.
  • Read popular content being produced. Don’t steal it, but get an idea of what’s resonating with the audience you’re trying to reach.

Next make sure your writing is personal, interesting and valuable. Even if your writing is specifically for business, it’s still personal if it has your name on it. Here are some things I like to do:

Take other ideas from your life or the news or other areas of interest and apply them. This will help personalize your writing.

If the content provides value to your readers – if it teaches them something helps them to see things in a new perspective – they are more likely to come back for more. If it is content just to fill space or make yourself look active, people will see through it. It’s 2014, and you’re dealing with savvy users.

Then you can start to worry about fine-tuning and optimizing for search and integrating with social media and other distribution methods.


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